Press Reviews

In spring 2007, Meera Krishna Interviewed Padma Shri Smt. Chitra Visweswaran, who is one of the premier Bharatanatyam dancers of our time.
Press Excerpts on Meera's Performances:
"Meera’s tillana, again not one often done today, making great demands on the balance and stamina of the dancer, was executed with unflagging statuesque appeal" - The Hindu, 2007
"The most impressive performance came from Meera who showed the capability to transform the laya into a personal idiom." The Hindustan Times

"Meera Krishna’s dance like her Guru seems to emanate out of herself." The Evening News

"Meera’s very poised demeanour is marked by an inner equanimity, with movement precise and graceful emanating from a relaxed centre." The Hindu

"Meera is a winner where style and stage presence goes." The Times of India

"The star performer of the evening was Meera Krishna. Her varnam, Manavi Cheikona, was a balanced blend of sparkling nritta and aesthetic abhinaya." The Statesman

"The evening’s highlight was an outstanding Bharatanatyam performance by Meera Krishna." The Pioneer